11” Gel Memory Foam Comfort Medium Mattress

• Ideal combination of comfort, coolness, and support

• Upper 4” cool contouring gel memory foam reduces body heat

• Base 7” layer of foam core for even weight distribution

• Relaxing comfort balanced with moderate support

Memory Foam Mattress Collection

It’s all in the name. Our competitor’s bedding options are numerous and often uninspired. However, at Best Rest we offer a selection of bedding in various sizes and materials for numerous applications, one of which will surely fit your needs. Comfort is personal. Choose to have your Best Rest every night!

13” Gel Memory Foam Super Plush Mattress

• 2” top layer of resilient, comfortable, high-density foam

• Second layer of 3” breathable, cool contouring gel memory foam

• 8” memory foam base layer mitigates motion transfer

• Facilitates muscle recovery and relaxation

9” Gel Memory Foam Relaxed Firm Mattress

• 3” top layer of breathable cool contouring gel memory foam

• Dense 6” foam core base

• Conforms to your shape within minutes

• Even weight distribution mitigates strain and motion transfer


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